Intelligent analytics for better life is the mission that Intetix was founded for. As a social enterprise, we are highly intelligence- and social impact-driven. Besides economic impact, we commit to create a better society. Our offices are located in the United States and the People's Republic of China.


Talents at Intetix possess different extertise but have one ultimate goal: Intelligent analytics for better life. If you are also motivated by such social mission, but not only technology itself, we are eager to work with you.

Current Job Vacancy

product manager

Experience 1-3


1, I hope you love buddy, have their own integrity and enthusiasm for the Internet industry and encoding;
2, good logical thinking of a rational, good learning initiative, never too old to learn, especially for our industry;
3, familiar with Linux, Apache, PHP nginx environment configuration and PHP application;
4, master of all kinds of design patterns and design principles, with more than 2 large distributed systems design


5, familiar with the MYSQL database, to master a variety of tuning techniques, familiar with NoSQL is preferred;
6, familiar with the memcache/redis, MVC/REST architecture, template engine, the principle and application of middleware is preferred;


Please connect with us if you need more information.